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Liebe Katharina,

  Ich durfte am Montag, den 25.10. unser erstes Kind, eine zauberhafte Tochter, zur Welt bringen und kann sagen, es war ein wunderschönes Erlebnis. Sogar so, dass ich fast etwas traurig bin, dass es schon vorbei ist! Ich habe mich während der ganzen Schwangerschaft mit deiner Methode ganz ohne Zeitdruck vorbereitet und so viele entspannte Momente genossen.  hypnobirthing   Ich war die ganze Zeit total positiv eingestellt und hatte super Vertrauen in mich, meinen Körper und unsere Tochter. 4 Tage vor Geburt ist mir nachts um 1Uhr die Fruchtblase geplatzt und wir haben uns nach etwas Me-Time ganz entspannt auf den Weg ins Krankenhaus gemacht. Ich hatte keine spürbaren Wellen, aber mein Muttermund war bei Ankunft bereits schon bei 2cm. Es hieß, für eine Erstgebärende ein erstaunlicher Befund. Ich denke, ich war einfach die letzten Tage vor Geburt sehr entspannt und habe das getan, was meinem Körper gut tat. Ich durfte mit meinem Partner dann direkt einen Kreißsaal beziehen, weil nich

Are You an Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner?

 Would you like to be an Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner? Is there a distinction, and does it matter? There is a distinction, and it's not difficult to befuddle the two or utilize the two terms reciprocally. A Small Business Owner possesses their own business, yet additionally effectively takes an interest in that business. Regularly the Small Business Owner is basic to the continuous progress of the organization. Without that person, the business either doesn't exist (for example clinical, lawful, bookkeeping, counseling, outsourcing) or would endure extraordinarily in the proprietor's nonappearance for any timeframe. We regularly utilize the expression "Solopreneur" to allude to the singular professional who works for themselves yet should actually convey an assistance or make an item for their business to produce income. While this may unquestionably be preferable over working for another person, it's as yet about exchanging time for cash - and time

What Are the Best Ways to Take Salsa Lessons?

 As a vigorous aficionado conveying the yearning to dominate in the field of salsa, the initial step that drives you to investigate the better components of the dance structure is the gathering of the salsa basics. The salsa examples that jest the tenderfoots with the fundamental components are very much created courses that arrangements with the superb components of the essential salsa abilities. Further to the essential level, the energetic people make head method for learning other progressed advances and components resulting to learning the basics. At the point when you talk about salsa examples, it can expect a more extensive and a bigger degree that goes far past our minds. Assuming you are a lover anxious to stretch your boundaries to learn new moves and styles, salsa examples can take different structures. People are continually learning and the learning system never gets restricted to the salsa classes, as the learning opportunity likewise comes in different structures. As a l