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Lemon Drop Shot

    Lemon Drop Martini is perhaps the most renowned Cocktail and is adored across the world. All you want is only a few fixings and off you go with a mixed drink that makes certain to illuminate your faculties and your party too. A Classic beverage, this Lemon Drop Martini goes down well with any environment - party, relaxed supper, night out on the town, and so forth Gracious! Pause, Wait, Wait! For what reason would we say we are discussing Lemon Drop Martini when we needed to showcase what a Lemon Drop Shot is?   Ha! Not a very remarkable distinction. Whenever you serve the Lemon Drop mixed drink in a Shot glass, It is a Lemon Drop Shot.   Details on Lemon Drop Shot here.   This mixed drink has passed a few ages and is as yet administering the bars and gatherings, simply because of its   Effortlessness Innovation Appeal   The tart flavor, some Candy like pleasantness and the by and large Citrusy experience makes this beverage so usually utilized, and a st